Anthony Vex

Anthony Vex – The Operator


  • The Operator LP 2023
  • Black Magic Vol 3: Still Moving Forward EP 2023
  • Years Later.. Freestyles Unvaulted LP 2023
  • Is What It Is… EP 2021
  • The Marauder Volume Two: Perception LP 2021
  • The Marauder Volume One: Pride LP 2021
  • The Future Mixtape 2009
  • Vextapes 1-3 Mixtape(s) 2007, 2006, 2006
  • Tip of da Iceburg Mixtape 2005
  • Black Magic Vol 2 LP 2002
  • Tha Antidote LP 2001
  • Black Magic Vol 1 EP 2000


Film Credits

  • Heroman 2010





  • Birthday- June 15th
  • Birthplace- Kalamazoo, Michigan

Anthony Vex or Amp Vex for short, a hip hop artist that comes from Kalamazoo, Michigan. He is the flagship artist off the independent record label Cold North Entertainment.

With inspiration from the diverse artists that helped shape his sound such as DPG, Nas, and Scarface to name a few. His albums ‘The Marauder Volumes 1&2’ bring similar yet distinctive sounds. Volume 1 is a mix of jaded feeling with powerful and witty lyrics with bouncy yet somber production, while volume 2 is a mix of heavy feeling and emotional lyrics with melodic and energetic production. He is also releasing a free EP later on in the year with plans for more projects in the future and with no end in sight.

Vex also hosts the podcast called Tinkin out Loud that is available on this site as well through Spotify, Apple, Anchor, Overcast and more platforms.

Vex’s current work shows a clear evolution and also strong sentiment of allowing real life and emotion to guide his lyrics and musical outlook. One of his philosophies as a artist has always been allowing the beat to speak to him when making songs and that’s remained true since the beginning. “Situations change but character shouldn’t” a phrase he strongly believes in and continues to show throughout each album and his career. 

He is also an accomplished clothing and shoe designer.


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